How To Use Mobile Phone Safely?

how use mobile phone safely

know all about cell phone effects

Try taking little breaks from your phone, you will find out that life will continue and that most likely you didn’t miss much.

We all know Mobile is important in life but but not important form life. So please think about it.

When we use a cell phone everyone have don’t know all about cell phone effects they always have many question in his mind exe.

How to use mobile?what is mobile radiation?how mobile effect our body?

Is mobile safe for childrens? And so many

there have been ample studies showing that there may be side effects to cell phone usage, there have been many studies refuting the health impacts, causing a large level of uncertainty and misunderstanding.

More research is now available than ever before and it is not painting a pretty picture. Let’s see how to use smartphones and mobile devices safely.

1 - Health Issue

it could also cause serious health issue due to long term exposure of electromagnetic radiation.

First thing is  Avoid long conversation. because Long conversation without using proper headphones could harm our brain cells, skin, ear.  it can a reason heating effect on brain cells due to electromagnetic radiation.

Use text messages or email messages whenever possible to avoid mobile phone calls. Because Texting allows keeping the cell phone away from body and shorter duration of transmission is much safer compared to longer calls.

2 - Reduce Movement

During cell phone conversation, reduce movement as little as possible.

because the phone needs to keep track of you. the phone continues to scan to keep up with the changes in position.

And In cars, trains, buses, and airplanes. The metal reflects the radiation thus increasing your exposure. You may want to avoid planes with Wi-Fi when flying.

3 - Keep Away From Your Body

should keep away from your body. Avoid any direct contact with body (Keep it away from all vital organs heart, liver, etc.). and keep it inside bag or a pouch if possible.

The speakerphone option is a good one because it allows you to hold the phone away from you as you speak.

4 - Keep Away From Your Bed

Research shows a cell phone that is powered on can disrupt your sleep.While sleeping, keep your mobile devices away from your bed and switch off mobile data and Wi-Fi options.and Turn off your phone’s cellular data, Wi-Fi option and bluetooth when not in use

5 - Do Not Allow Children

The brain of a child absorbs more radiation and deeper into the brain than an adult.Do not allow children use mobile devices unless really necessary and make sure the call length is as short as possible. Is there really a need for a 2 year old to have an ipad or a 7 year old with a cellphone?

Now we have to think about it.

6 - Use Original Parts of Mobile

Use original chargers and other parts provided by phone manufacturers to avoid hazard of electrical shock and other. Avoid use of phone and wired headset while charging. There have been some reports about accidents happening during charging.