My name is Shailendra Chaturvedi and I am the chief blogger at and where I like to share my internet/tech/gadgets experience with my online readers on this website. I have been a webmaster from 2009 which is when I had registered my first Domain. I have ventured into different online businesses like offering Matrimonial , Realestate , SEO Services, website development services.

I started this blog in April 2019 though I had started blogging in the year 2015 by writing on multiple blogs but eventually they didn’t succeed, I then started working seriously on this.

I started my online ventures from the year 2015 and now after 4 years I have a good reach especially among bloggers who would like to follow my passion and also consumers who would like to know my opinion on their next purchase.

After giving some quick searches i came through some big internet discussion boards which were related to webmasters, and after researching more i started learning more & more about this field. It started increasing my interest and i slowly started building websites though i had no programming knowledge other than HTML. After couple weeks of research and part time services jobs like forum posting, submission jobs etc i gathered some amount of money to buy couple domain and web hosting account and get really serious in my online journey, because i didn’t want to invest my offline money into this.

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