What is Google Drive?

What is Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is Google’s file storage and synchronization service for personal and business users. Google Drive allows users to store files on their servers up to 15GB of storage gets used by Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, etc.

it is one of the leading cloud-based storage currently in use as of today that is offered by Google. Google Drive is ability to allow you to create and edit Documents, Spread Sheets, and PowerPoint Presentation. Cool, right?


Here are the top features:

  • It has a 15 cloud GB storage that you can use.
  • As mentioned above, it lets you create Documents, Spread Sheets, and PowerPoint Presentation.
  • You do not have t worry about always pressing Ctrl+S because it automatically saves your progress but still allows you flexibility by letting you undo and restore previous versions of the file should you want to.
  • You can access Google Drive and your files on any devices for as long as you have an internet connection.
  • You can have a bigger storage should you purchase a plan.
  • Real-time editing when you are doing a collaboration with others.
  • And one of the things that I really love, Goggle Drive lets you edit on the go even when you are only using your mobile.



 You can view Google Docs as a sort of Dropbox with the Google's stack of office software. Essentially, they are the same product, they both hold files that can later be edited and shared. Here are some major differentiation points for Google Drive.

  1. GoogleDrive can hold any file in general now, which is why they renamed Google Docs to Google Drive. This is the main purpose of Dropbox, but for Google, this new "Drive" is less than a year old. Again, it is all under the pretext of your Google Account, which holds your GMail and all of your Drive files, as well as Documents, Spreadsheets, etc.
  2. GoogleDrive is just as much as an online productivity suite as it is a file-sharing tool. The purpose of Dropbox is not to edit documents natively, but just be a simple file-sharing platform where multiple people can FTP their files to a common location in an easy way. Google Drive's emphasis is on web and mobile platforms. While Drive can be used to upload any sort of file, its main focus is being able to edit it on the fly. If you want to sent someone a document to edit, it can be shared with your Google contacts and be edited within the Docs window itself, no matter the device. If you want to send someone a video to download, it can be used tor that too. All of this is facilitated with Drive.
  3. In a sense you are correct. GoogleDrive basically syncs the URLs of different files in the Google Office suite, with the file upload as an extra. However, the difference is the inline-integration. Google Drive can be used as a place to simply index files and share/hold them. However, it is so much more than that also. Different files from various Google Applications can be held in one place, grouped together, and shared for editing. Now that Google is pushing their Chrome Suite in their Chromebooks, Google Drive is that much more important. It is a cloud-storage for their Chromebooks, as well as their whole productivity suite, all linchpinned under the guise of Google Drive.

None of this was meant to undermine Dropbox or Google Drive. Dropbox is used for holding, distributing, and updating files that cannot be edited in a suite such as Google's. Google Drive is much more general use, for holding together various files from their applications. Google Drive and its suite of software have replaced all of my spreadsheet/word processing/presentation applications, something which Dropbox cannot do. However, if I wanted to share something specified, such as a CAD model or PSD file, and wanted that to be quickly editable by my peers, I would use Dropbox, because Google Drive would not be ideal for constantly updating files that its Office suite itself could not edit.