Best Online Tools To Know About a Website

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All Best Online Tools To Know everything About a Website

Everyone when start research about a website. Thay all have many question in his/hre mind as -

How do I contact the owner of a website?

Where is a particular website hosted?

What technology is using any website?

What other websites are hosted on that same server?

Is the website using WordPress or Gatsby?

Which ad networks are they using to monetize a website?

Is my website accessible from China?

Is my website accessible form US?

Here are some of the most useful online tools Here is my list of free online tools to research a website.

1 - Get website owner, administrator and contact information— Get all the data you need about a domain and everything associated with that domain anytime with a single search.If you like to know the contact address, email and phone number of the website owner you can search with this tool. This is free and easy tool. WHOIS search is designed to help you by diving into the WHOIS database for information on domain registration and availability. It'll also provide you the owner, administrator and contact information, as well as other important information.

2 - Find Out technologies ,advertising partners and mail service are being used in website — It a simple free tool to gets lists of qualified websites using some technologies. BuiltWith is to help web developers, researchers, and designers track what technologies are being used by other websites, which may help them to decide what technologies to implement themselves. It helps you figure out the mail service provider of a domain, the advertising partners, the tracking widgets that are installed on a website.  

3 - Online Competitive Website Analysis -- Alexa ranks sites based primarily on tracking a sample set of Internet traffic, mainly users of its toolbar for the Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. The Alexa toolbar includes the ranking of the site that the user is visiting, as well as related links and search terms.

The toolbar is free, but Alexa also has an advanced plan that offers SEO tools like a competitor backlink checker, competitor keyword matrix and competitor traffic statistics. -- SimilarWeb is a great way to see how much traffic your competitors are receiving and what advertising channels they’re using most. This website analysis and data mining tool provides very detailed information on different sites and a comprehensive overview of a website’s marketing strategy.  --If you wish to analyze your competitor’s website.It’s great for monitoring competitors’ display advertising and search engine marketing strategies.

The most popular reason that digital marketers use SEMrush is to monitor the performance of their own websites or their competitors’ sites in the organic search results.From SEMrush receive the following metrics:Volume of traffic from organic and paid search  Changes in search volume over time as far back as two years The keywords for which your competitors are ranking Main competitors Dofollow and nofollow backlinks -- You’ll need to embed a tracking code on your website to use Quantcast in order to generate your own data, though you can also use it to access limited information on other website. y placing tags on websites, blogs, videos and widgets, the software measures demographic and user behavior, such as audience age and gender make-up, areas of interest and type, length and frequency of engagement with certain types of content, and user retention.

4 - check website speed test tools --  is probably one of the more well-known website speed test tools. Their reports are divided into four different sections which include a waterfall breakdown, performance grade, page analysis, and history.

The page analysis offers a great overview with additional information such as a size analysis, size per domain the number of requests per domain, and what type of content had the most requests. -- It goes into great detail as it. GTmetrix can test your pages daily, weekly, or monthly. Set conditions based on, for example, page speed, YSlow score, page load time, and total page size, and receive email alerts on performance.With a free registration, you can test from seven different locations. They also let you choose the browser, Chrome vs Firefox. — Find the Page Speed score of any website on both desktop and mobile devices. It is a website speed test tool that grades your website on a scale of 1 - 100. The higher the number the better optimized your site is. Anything above an 85 indicates that your website is performing well. PageSpeed gives you reports for both the desktop and mobile versions of your site. You can view recommendations for improvements such as you need to minify CSS or optimize your images.

PageSpeed Insights measures how the page can improve its performance on:

  • Time to above-the-fold load: Elapsed time from the moment a user requests a new page and to the moment the above-the-fold content is rendered by the browser.
  • Time to full page load: Elapsed time from the moment a user requests a new page to the moment the page is fully rendered by the browser.

5- Checkout Who is Hosting This Website -Enter the  domain name or URL of any website and this online service will show you the  information about the web host, IP address, name servers & more. - Enter a domain name or URL to find out which web hosting company is hosting the website.Get information about the web host, IP address. - Checkout who is hosting this website. Discover which web hosting any web site uses, plus DNS records, whois information, server location

6 - Test Your Design With Real People - is a remote-user research platform to test your design with real people. Assess the effectiveness of navigation and content hierarchy by measuring how users complete tasks using your designs. Fine-tune visual assets, marketing copy, branding, and more, by measuring user sentiment. Free with a single user and 2-minute test time.